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Fire Protection – Certified Treatment

Prioritize the safety and security of your property with our Certified Fire Protection Treatment specifically designed for thatched roofs. Our meticulous approach ensures your thatched roof meets the highest safety standards while enhancing its appearance and durability.

Fire Protection Coating
Fire Protection Coating

Water-Based Spray (Non-Toxic)

Utilizing a non-toxic, water-based spray for treatment, ensuring safety without harmful chemicals.

Thatch is Sprayed on the Inside & Outside

Thorough application both inside and outside of the thatch for comprehensive coverage.

Interior Protection Spraying
Interior Protection Spraying


SANS 10407 : 2006 Specification

Our treatment complies with the SANS 10407 : 2006 Specification, meeting rigorous safety guidelines.

High-Pressure Equipment Used

Employing high-pressure equipment for precise and effective application, ensuring thorough coverage.

Spraying Fire Protection
Spraying Exterior Protection


Treatment Can Be Applied to Both Old & New Roofs

Whether you have an existing thatched roof or are planning for a new one, our treatment is suitable for all.

Seals the Thatch, Making It Water Resistant

In addition to fire protection, our treatment seals the thatch, making it resistant to water infiltration.

Enhance the Appearance of the Roof

Our treatment enhances the visual appeal of your thatched roof.

Completion Certificate

Upon completion, we provide a certification, ensuring that your roof meets safety standards.

Protect your property and loved ones while preserving the charm of your thatched roof. Contact us today to schedule a Certified Fire Protection Treatment for your roof.


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